About Me

I’m a keen observer of life, and so I tend to find inspiration all around me by closely watching scenes unfold.

I paint primarily women and children, and I deeply enjoy painting them.

I have spent the greater part of my art career addressing some of the plights women and children face in society.

Some of the themes I’ve addressed in my paintings include; Our failing educational systems, the health risks faced by children living in the coastal slums, and the abuse of women.

My technique is largely inspired by observing the scattering of light on particles such as mist, fogs, and dust, and my style is generally characterized by heavy textures and hazy renditions which I like to call ‘light against visual distortion’.

Oil, Acrylic, and Watercolor are currently my mediums of choice.


The Art Community

In 2002, a group of artists and I came together to create a space where we could all come together to create, learn from each other, and get inspired.

We called it the Defactorie Studios.

More recently, I helped pioneer the creation of the first-ever watercolor societies in Nigeria, called the SABLES.

I believe that it is the responsibility of the artist to bring consciousness to the time in which he lives in.

I believe art is the record we keep that preserves through time and tells our stories.

As an artist, it is my duty to capture the thoughts, perspectives, emotions, opinions, fears, and hopes of the moment.